New – where to get everything you need to make your own electric roller shades

  It can be a real challenge to find everything you need to make your own electic roller shades. Especially if you don't want to spend a fortune. So if you want to create your own DIY electric roller shades, this is the destination to … [Read more...]

Can the Somfy Tilt 50 RTS motors be fitted to any Venetian blind

Yes, the Tilt 50 Wirefree RTS can be fitted to any 2" / 50 mm venetian blind. The parts you need are: - The motor - buy here $109.95 - - A headreail adapter - $6.95 (can be found here and here - check which version you need) - 12V power … [Read more...]

New – electric roller blind kits

If you have a manual roller blind and want to turn it into a motorized version, you can easily do so with the new kits that have become available. These are ideal also when you want a specific fabric and only need the parts to build your own … [Read more...]

How to change the control of a Somfy RTS roller blind from 2 to 1 remote

We get a lot of questions from readers and some are a good example of a recurring problem or issue. We answer these and publish them here, so you can learn from them. Question: I have a Telis 16 remote, with curtains on 11 different … [Read more...]

How to program a Somfy roller shutter motor

When you get a new motor, or when you have done a reset, you can program a Somfy motor as follows: (Note that this applies to roller shutter motors only, not to roller blinds or awnings) This procedure works for both RTS and IO motors from … [Read more...]

How to build your own electric roller blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect tool to control the amount of light in your room and as such have an important impact of the quality of the image on your screen. There are more benefits, but a drawback can be the price and the motor … [Read more...]

Coming soon: a new woven acoustically transparent projection screen fabric for DIY projects

Great acoustically transparent projection screen fabric is hard to find. Especially the woven version. If you want to build your own screen, I would suggest to keep an eye out for announcements here. Especially if you are looking for an … [Read more...]

New projection screen motor for DIY multiformat projection screens

When you want to make a your own DIY electric multiformat projection screen, you can use a dual tube system. The fabric in the front would work as the mask. In the video below, you can see how that works: The difficulty is in controlling … [Read more...]

Severtson offering a new 3D fabric in curved fixed frame screens

Severtson now offers a new fabric for 3D projection in their curved fixed frame screens. The screen is called Sevision 3D GX and comes with a 2.8 gain. Now why is that special? Well, it combines a few things: 1. It's a acoustic fabric, so … [Read more...]

These 3D fabric acoustic panels bring style and performance to your home

In today’s world, living areas in the home are used in a whole new way to how they were thirty years ago. Traditionally the room containing the sofa was generally referred to as the ‘parlour’ and was a room which was only used for best or when … [Read more...]