How to build your own electric roller blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect tool to control the amount of light in your room and as such have an important impact of the quality of the image on your screen. There are more benefits, but a drawback can be the price and the motor … [Read more...]

Somfy SO1822118 Plug-In Table and Shelf Transformer, 3 Motors, 24VDC 5A

Deliver power to up to three Somfy RTS motors with the Somfy Plug-In TableShelf Transformer 3 Motors 24VDC 5A. This transformer sits neatly on a tabletop and plugs into a standard power outlet. … [Read more...]

Somfy Sonesse ST30 24V DC RTS Motor With Tilting Feature 1001524

Somfy Sonesse 30 ST30 Ultra Quiet Motor (24V DC) Round Head RTS motor, Torque 17.7 inch LBS. Speed-28 rpm unit weight is 1 LBS, Sonesse motors fit in a 1 1/2" tube(not included) and requires a crown and drive( CROWN AND DRIVE INCLUDED) … [Read more...]

Somfy 1810872 Universal RTS interface

Somfy 1810872 Universal RTS interface … [Read more...]

Somfy SO1870220 ZigBee to Digital Motor Interface

Remotely control Somfy devices through a Zigbee network by integrating them with the Somfy ZigBee to Digital Motor Interface. The interface receives Zigbee commands and then converts them to Somfy motor control commands. This enables Zigbee control … [Read more...]

Somfy Crown and Drive for LT30 Roll Up Wire Free Motor and 1.5″ Rollease Tube (#9013488) (1)

Somfy Crown and Drive for LT30 Roll Up Wire Free Motor and 1.5" Rollease Tube (#9013488) … [Read more...]

Somfy Wind Sensor for DSM (MPN # 9050110) (1)

Wind Sensor for DSM The Decorator Somfy-MaticTM (DSM) wind sensor continually monitors wind speed, triggering the control unit to extend or retract the awning as needed. When used along with the DSM Sun Sensor and a Somfy motor, protection from the … [Read more...]

Somfy SO1870154 RS485 to ILT Tap, 4 Motor

Required for Somfys ILT2 motor the Somfy RS485 to ILT Tap 4 Motor converts the RS-485 communication protocol to TTL and supports up to four motors. Using Cat5 patch cables you can easily make network connections at the Taps two RJ45 … [Read more...]

SOMFY 48″ Battery Extension Cable (# 9016376) for SOMFY MOTORIZED SYSTEMS) (1)

SOMFY 48" Battery Extension Cable (# 9016376 for SOMFY MOTORIZED SYSTEMS) 48" Extension Cord for the 12V DC SOMFY Reloadable Battery Tube Tech Info: Length: 48" Available in 10", 48" and 96" Lengths FEATURES: This … [Read more...]

Rollease Skyline Bracket Adapter for Somfy LS40 Motor (MPN # SLAMLS40BK) (black) (1)

Rollease Skyline Bracket Adapter for Somfy SL40 Motor (MPN # SLAMLS40BK) This part allows you to adapt a Somfy SL40 motor to be used on a Roller shade using Rollease Skyline hardware. … [Read more...]