5 tips to help you chose the right portable projection screen

A portable home projection screen is a great way of enjoying home theatre, without having to install a projection screen permanently. If you want to buy one, use these tips to help you decide which one to buy.

1. Weight

Quite an obvious one, but important nonetheless. Especially if you plan to use the projection screen at 2 completely different locations, it is an issue to take into account. In that case, the lower thewieght, the better. If you plan to use the screen within your own home only, it is not so much an issue.

2. Ease of installation

You don’t want to spend a long time setting the projection screen up, when you want to start the movie. A screen that’s easily installed does not require the use of tools, does not consist of multiple parts and does not require you to put the projection screen fabric flat on the floor (making it prone to damage and dirt). You shouldn’t have to spend more than 2 mintues setting the screen up properly.

3. Compact housing

A portable home projection screen should have a compact housing, allowing you to easily move the screen from room to room. In addition to this, a slim profile will allow you to hide the projection screen under your sofa.

4. Black borders

Slightly curling sides are a common issue with portable projection screens. These can be hidden by black borders around the projection area, which create an improved perceived image brightness in the process.

5. Overall design of the projection screen

Smaller factors, but still important are: If the screen is heavy, does it come with wheels? Does it have enough handles, so you have different ways of carrying it? Do the locking mechanisms hold when you carry the screen around?

Important things to keep in mind when transporting your screen


1. When transporting the projection screen by car, make sure it is secured properly. This prevents the screen from flying through your windshield when braking.
2. If you move the projection screen around a lot, buy or make a protective bag. This helps avoid scratches and dents, preserving the looks and value of your screen.

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