In-ceiling projection screens and colour options: examples

In-ceiling screens are great when you want to hide your projection screen in a false ceiling.

That’s why white is for most people the color they need.

But what if your ceiling has a different colour? Or you want a pitch black cave that will give you the best possible image on your screen?

First, let’s have look at an in-ceiling projection screen integrated in a sloped ceiling

Image of an inceiling projection screen integrated in a sloping false ceiling

Beamax in-ceiling projection screen in a sloping ceiling

However, when you have a ceiling that’s not white, you need a different colour.

Then, it’s good to know that some manufacturers can finish the screen in a custom colour for you.

But what will that look like?

Well, that’s what you can see here – it’s a 10790 in-ceiling projection screen from Beamax. Custom painted in black.

Image of an in-ceiling projection screen with a black case

A 10790 Beamax in-ceiling projection screen with case painted black

So if you want your own projection screen in a different colour than white, it’s good to know there are options.