The 3 aspects of perfect speakers for an acoustic projection screen

There’s nothing more cinematic than having the sound of the movie coming through your projection screen.

And that’s because only then does the sound come from the exact place where the action is happening.

The result: your movies become a lot more realistic

Watch out: Not every projection screen can be used

To place speakers behind your projection screen, you need the right projection screen fabric.

And that’s because a regular projection screen does not allow sound to pass through. So placing your speakers behind it would be similar to hanging a curtaint in front of them.

The sound would be muffled.

So you need an acoustically transparent projection screen. This fabric is either woven or microperforated, so it allows sound to pass through.

So how do you find the perfect speakers for your acoustically transparent projection screen?

The perfect speakers for an acoustic fabric have the following characteristics:

1. Limited depth

All the space behind your projection screen is essentially lost. It’s a part of the room you can no longer use.

So the less space is lost, the more you have left.

When it comes to the speakers, this means you need speakers that aren’t very deep.

Keep in mind though, that the size of a speaker still matters. The bigger the speaker, the easier it is for the speaker to produce a deep sound.

This means you need to balance the size of the room with the size speaker. The bigger the room, the bigger the speaker you need.

2. Easy installation

The speaker should be easy to install. Especially when you can’t build a custom wall that serves as a rack for the speakers.

Ideally the speakers are laid out in such a way that you can hang them horizontally or vertically, without affecting the sound.

3. Don’t forget the rear speakers

To get a full surround sound, you need rear speakers and ideally a subwoofer.

That’s why you need a line of speakers that have complementing speakers for the back of the room.

If you can’t find them, you can use the same ones as in the front, but in general the rear speakers can be smaller – and cheaper – models.

Ideally, these should look great. That’s because these won’t be hidden behind a projection screen.

If they don;t look great, you can consider hiding them in a custom built pillar or in the back wall.

Example speakers and what to do when you have a retractable projection screen

First, let’s look at some example speakers.

Below you can see the range of Masquerade speakers

These are only 7 cm or less than 3 inches deep, can be hung vertically and horizontally and have a great sound.

The Masquerade 73 can be found very cheaply here

The full details of the 73 can be found here

Plus, these speakers are perfect for when you have a retractable acooustic projection screen.

Here’s why.

This is what the 73 would look like when installed next to your TV without a frame

Set of Masquerade speakers next to a TV

Now, let’s look at how they would look if you add your own images and a frame

masquerade speakers with custom images next to plasma tv

As you can see, now the speakers look great even when not in use.

And that’s exactly the look you want when you have a retractable projection screen.

Because when the screen is in use and you’re watching a movie, you have great sound.

When the screen is rolled in and not in use, you have works of art on the wall.

You wouldn’t even know there are speakers in the room.


If you are looking for speakers behind your acoustic screen, look for:
– Speakers with limited depth, so you don’t loos too much space
– Speakers that are easy to install
– A set of speakers for the rear to complement your front speakers

When you have a retractable projection screen, it really helps when the speakers look great when they are not is use.