The stuff no one talks about, but matters big time: projection screen packaging

Packaging is probably last on your mind when it comes to buying your projection screen. It's not something manufacturers inform you about either. But when you take a day off to wait for your screen and it arrives all beaten up, you know important it … [Read more...]

Now available: The gamer’s guide to 3D

Yeah! It's available now after a lot of writing & research. So if you always wanted to know what you need for 3D as a gamer, download the report now. And don't forget to register for the updates by filling out the form. Download the Gamer's … [Read more...]

Projection screen comparison video: F2 vs the competition

There are very few direct comparisons between projection screens. I don't even think I have even seen one. And that's why I wanted to show you a comparion between 2 rental and stage projection screens. As you can see, there is no perfect … [Read more...]

New video of a home theater with a manual projection screen

I have shown you some fully integrated and carefully designed living room home theaters. I realise that not everyone wants to go all-out on the budget. Or does not even find it necessary to hide it all. That's why I wanted to show you a nice … [Read more...]

New video: In-ceiling projection screens and safety clip removal

Projection screens are roughly treated in transportation. I often think there are drivers who try to beat their personal best and throw the screen as far in the van as possible. Luckily, in-ceiling screens are pretty have (because of the … [Read more...]

New video: F2 Rental and stage screen – how to open and close the hinges

If you have ever set up a very large stage screen, you know it can be tricky. Especially when you're on your own and the design is working against you. That's why these screens need to have a sturdy frame and easy to open hinges. A strong … [Read more...]

New video: The ideal small projection screen

There are plenty of big projetion screens you can see here. But what about small portable ones? The ones that go well with pico projectors? Well here's a demo of the Beamax Xlite portable projection screen with a 40" diagonal and a weight of … [Read more...]

Make your own fixed projection screen masking – part two

The long-awaited part 2 of the series is here. This video will give you the details of how you can make your own constant image width projection screen masking system. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

A look at a black and white home cinema

If you are starting from scratch, it would be easy to go all overboard with colors for your home theater. And I bet you have seen some very opulent cinemas with gold, deep reds and velvets. Don't get me wrong, those are awesome. But what if … [Read more...]

How to use a pelmet to hide a projection screen

When you don't want to have your projection screen's case in sight, building a pelmet can be a great solution. First of all, it's one of the least expensive ways to hide your projection screens. Secondly, a pelmet can run all around the room, … [Read more...]