3 essentials for a home cinema

If you're starting with a home cinema or home theater, it's difficult to know exactly where to begin. I'll give you a fresh perspective. And that's seen from an image-quality point of view. I am not looking at specific brands or models, but a … [Read more...]

How important is it to have a manual projection screen that’s easy to use?

Sure, a low price can be tempting. Plus, on the net, all projection screens look the same, right? That's true, but an often-overlooked aspect of projection screens is..how easy they are to use. Now, I want to bet there are some devices that … [Read more...]

New image added – a Da-lite add from the 50’s

I was doing some more research about the projection screen history, when I saw a nice ad from the 50's for a Da-lite tripod projection screen. It's a nice advertisement and you can get quite a lot of information about home cinema and projection … [Read more...]

How to make your own multi format masking system

Masking systems are expensive. They easily cost thousands. Yet, there's surprisingly little special material required. All the parts required can be bought for a very low price. That brings the cost of your DIY masking system down a lot. The … [Read more...]


It's all 3d these days: manufacturers are pushing it as the next big thing. And you sometimes have to look really hard to find some 2D movie releases in your local cinema. So, do should you believe the hype and go for 3D in your own home? … [Read more...]

Panasonic PT-AE4000 and JVC DLA-HD950 win Home Cinema Choice best buy awards 2010

The Panasonic PT-AE4000 took the prize for best projector under 5000 pounds. What I like a lot about this projector is that it comes with two 12V triggers. This can create a real WOW effect. Not only could you use the projector to lower your … [Read more...]

Infocus Screenplay SP8602 integrates easily into a living room cinema

I talk a lot about hiding your projection screen here. But once you have the projection screen under control, there's still the projector to be dealt with. Sure, you can use a projector lift to hide it above your false ceiling. But what to do when … [Read more...]

Video explanation of the channel fix system for projection screens

Installing a projection screen can be a lot of work. Especially when your wall does not support the weight of the screen in every position. When you have fixed points where the screen can be attached to the wall or ceiling, it can be a reall … [Read more...]

New additions to the history of projection screens

A history of projection screens that's well researched and long needs two things. And those were lacking: 1. An infograph. And Israel made an awesome one. Check it out here: www.projectionscreen.net/history 2. A bibliography. And that resource … [Read more...]

How to customise your projection screen

Most projection screens are white. That's because manufacturers like to make 'm white and..because most walls are. That doesn't mean your imagination should be limited to just that. In this video, a whole range of projection screen customisation … [Read more...]