Quick questions and answers: How do I connect a projection screen to my projector with 12V trigger

Quick answer: To connect a projector with a 12V trigger output to a projection screen, you need an interface. This is called a 12V trigger box and takes the place of the projection screen's switch. You can use any electric projection screen … [Read more...]

Outdoor projection screens

When you want to project your movies outdoors, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The more extreme the weather is in your area, the more impact it will have of course. Plus, it all comes down to the budget too. There's a lot … [Read more...]

Quick questions and answers: I played around with my projection screen for about 5 minutes. Now it won’t work. Is it defective?

This is typical for people who get their first electric projection screen: They are so excited about it (and rightly so!) that they can't stop rolling it up and down. But after about 5 minutes, the projection screen just stops. And - as if it had … [Read more...]

Common questions answered: I am in the process of building a soffit to house a motorized screen, how can I ensure I have the proper space?

To install a screen in a soffit, or any other type of enclosure, you need to make sure there's enough space. There are 3 elements that influence how much space you need: 1. Your choice of control options for your electric screen 2. The way … [Read more...]

Quick questions and answers: Does an IR signal from a remote go through a projection screen?

If you have some equipment behind your projection screen when it's rolled out, you will no be able to control it with an IR remote. In other words: The IR signal will not pass through the fabric. The long answer: Some thin fabrics, or rear … [Read more...]

New magic lantern image for the projection screen history

Henc from de Luikerwaal kindly sent me an image of a magic lantern. This image helps everyone who has never seen such a magic lantern understand what kind of device it is. You can find the image in the history of projection screens: magic … [Read more...]

Build your own home cinema: The 3 secrets of a stunning first build

I got in touch with Tony when he needed a floating projection screen for a home cinema that he was building. It needed to be floating, because his room had sloped ceilings. And it was his first time building one. He wanted to build a frame … [Read more...]

Projection screen history updated with some awesome pictures

I worked with Samantha to create a complete overview of the history of projection screens. She inlcuded the work of Matt Gatton, who made reconscructions that show how a camera obscura could have accidentally been in caves and tents. This means … [Read more...]

The best fabric for a DIY projection screen

When you want to build your own projection screen, selecting the right fabric is essential. Now, what I will NOT be talking about is the viewing angle, the gain or other technical aspects of the fabric's finish (the optical coating). No, I will … [Read more...]

3 ways to make your own DIY projection screen

There are loads of reasons to make your own projection screen, despite the vast range of commercially available screens: - Maybe you don't have the budget - Or maybe you're really handy - The screen you want is so specific, it's not for … [Read more...]