A look at a black and white home cinema

If you are starting from scratch, it would be easy to go all overboard with colors for your home theater.

And I bet you have seen some very opulent cinemas with gold, deep reds and velvets.
Don’t get me wrong, those are awesome.

But what if you just used black and white in the design of your home cinema?

Here’s what you could then get:

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Why do I think this is a great installation?

There are a number of things I like about this installation and I’ll give you the details per item

A. A black feature wall

A feature wall gives the room a focal point. A black feature wall is the ideal location to install the projection screen on. That’s because the black wall will reflect less ambient light and makes the projection stand out from its surroundings.

B. A fixed projection screen with black velvet border

Black velvet absorbs any overscan and nicely frames the images. This again contributes to the image stand out. The effect is that the perceived brightness is a lot higher.

C. No cables in sight

The screen and speakers are mounted on a false wall. This is perfect for hiding any cables. When you go for a clean design, hidden cables are a must.

D. Overall design

From the recessed lights to the way the room is finished, it all comes together very nicely. Like I mentioned before, creating a home cinema with a big impact doesn’t have to mean you go all-out on stuff & colours. By respecting the basics, you can go very far with a lot less. And that’s an art in itself.

I hope this installation gives you some food for thought for your own room.



Installer: Automize, UK www.automize.co.uk
Projection screen: Beamax A-velvet fixed frame screen

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  1. Really great design,
    has a little “Space Odissey” or “Moon” touch to it. Especially the last pic really gives you the impression of being in a spaceship. I’ll keep this in mind for when I’ll start building my man cave 🙂
    For now if have to find a way to install my gear in the living room and still keep my girlfriend happy and all cables and other fragile stuff out of range (and sight) of the cildren and the dog 🙂

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