How to make your own electric projection screen

By making your own electric projection screen, you can save money and really make it match your projector and room: - Choose the fabric you want - Making it exactly as big as you want - Use the tubular motor you want In this video, you can see … [Read more...]

Electric projection screen: a hands-on comparison between the Beamax M-series and Projecta Elpro Electrol

There are many electric projection screens around. Comparing projection screens can be quite a task, because all you have are the manufacturer's specs and often, just one image And that one iamge is of the full screen. And because pictures … [Read more...]

Projection screen controls – a guide

There are many ways to control your projection screen. You'll probably be familiar with some of them, like a remote control or the traditional switch. But did you know there are key switches as well? 12V triggers and power sensing … [Read more...]

3 signs your wife knows more about home cinema than you

Enough about that WAF already. Sometimes you should just listen to your wife. Here's when: Ok, so maybe you need an explanation: 1. Don't look for high gain projection screens or new projectors when you can control ambient light. … [Read more...]

Now available: The gamer’s guide to 3D

Yeah! It's available now after a lot of writing & research. So if you always wanted to know what you need for 3D as a gamer, download the report now. And don't forget to register for the updates by filling out the form. Download the Gamer's … [Read more...]

3 essentials for a home cinema

If you're starting with a home cinema or home theater, it's difficult to know exactly where to begin. I'll give you a fresh perspective. And that's seen from an image-quality point of view. I am not looking at specific brands or models, but a … [Read more...]

How to make your own multi format masking system

Masking systems are expensive. They easily cost thousands. Yet, there's surprisingly little special material required. All the parts required can be bought for a very low price. That brings the cost of your DIY masking system down a lot. The … [Read more...]


It's all 3d these days: manufacturers are pushing it as the next big thing. And you sometimes have to look really hard to find some 2D movie releases in your local cinema. So, do should you believe the hype and go for 3D in your own home? … [Read more...]

Outdoor projection screens

When you want to project your movies outdoors, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The more extreme the weather is in your area, the more impact it will have of course. Plus, it all comes down to the budget too. There's a lot … [Read more...]

3 ways to make your own DIY projection screen

There are loads of reasons to make your own projection screen, despite the vast range of commercially available screens: - Maybe you don't have the budget - Or maybe you're really handy - The screen you want is so specific, it's not for … [Read more...]