How to change the control of a Somfy RTS roller blind from 2 to 1 remote

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I have a Telis 16 remote, with curtains on 11 different channels.

For some reason now one curtain is both working on channel 3 and 5, that curtain was always no. 5.

No. 3 is still working fine on channel 3 too, so my problem is when I want to work with channel 3 on the remote, both curtain 3 and 5 are working.

I didn’t find anything online that describes how I get curtain no. 5 released from channel 3?


You should do the following:

  • go to channel 5
  • press prog button on the back of the telis 16 -> motor 5 will jog
  • go to channel 3
  • press prog on the back of the remote -> motors 3 and 5 will jog
  • now press up or down to test and only motor 3 will respond
  • Make sure not to touch the prog button for the next 10 minutes, or you’ll end up in a similar situation.

This video also shows how this is done:
We use an IO motor here, but it’s the exact same procedure.

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