Greenpeace outdoor projection

Large projection for VW action at Battersea Power Station

There’s nothing like a massive screen to get your message across.

And that’s exactly what Greenpeace aimed to achive in their campaign against Volkswagen.

As you know, I am all in favour of a white and perfectly flat projection screen for a home theater.
But that’s because it’s a garuanteed way to see your movies as they should be.

However, in this case, a massive factory was used ans basically it was turned into a symbol of evil.
A perfect way of creating the feeling they wanted the public to have.

The original idea of projecting on a house came from Kircher who used a magic lantern as early as in the Middle Ages to scare people and make them go to the church.
Read more about that fascinating bit of history in the “history of projection screens – the magic lantern

Read more about the Greenpeace campaign here
The image was taken by David Sandison of Greenpeace and you can view the whole series on Fickr

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