Quick questions and answers: How do I connect a projection screen to my projector with 12V trigger

Quick answer:

To connect a projector with a 12V trigger output to a projection screen, you need an interface. This is called a 12V trigger box and takes the place of the projection screen’s switch.

You can use any electric projection screen that has a 4-core power cable.

Here’s how this all works:

The 12V trigger will basically take the place of the switch of the projection screen.

This means it’s between mains power and the screen.

At the same time, there’s a 2-core wire between the projector and the 12V trigger box. This wire carries the signal from the projector to the screen and tells it to go up and down.

Now, this only works when your projector has a 12V output. Yours does.

And, you need the 12V receiver box. Normally, it’s called a 12V trigger box. [URL=”http://www.beamax.com/10539-12V-trigger-box”]Here’s an example of such a 12V trigger.[/URL]

That’s the Beamax version, but you can buy any 12V trigger.

So, this means you don’t need a specific screen. The 12V trigger will work with any 4-core cabled electric projection screen.

Some new screens have an integrated 12V trigger module. This saves you cost and wiring work.

I hope this gives you an idea of how it works. If you need further details, let me know in the comments.


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  1. Luis Tabora says:

    I have a Stewart motorized screen . I connected the screen with a 3.5 phono cable to my projector. The screen goes down when the projector is on, how do I control the screen to stop at a certain location usi my optoma 141x remote?

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