How to get rid of that chemical just-new projection screen smell

how to get rid of a projection screen's bad smell

In a new car, it smells great. You know, that brand-new smell. The one that they even sell in a can.

But with a projection screen, it’s a whole different story. Because in a small closed off space, the smell of a projection screen can even give people a headache.

Where does the smell come from?

The 2 main sources of the smell are:

1. The material itself, which is either PVC or a coated fabric. None of the stuff is particularly natural. And that’s why the screen gives off a plasticy smell.

2. The black borders are either seamed to the fabric or spray painted onto it. (Some manufacturers now print instead of paint) The paint gives off the most scent. Seamed borders give off less.

The 5 cm / 2″ border along the sides and the bottom, plus the 40 cm / 16″ top add quite a bit of smelly surface to the equation.

Not all projection screens are as bad, but some screens….

Now, what if you have one that isn’t particularly good in the smells department?

Then you have 2 options:

1. Fight the source:

This is where you try to get rid of the smell as soon as possible.
You do this by keeping the screen fully rolled out (when it’s a retractable projection screen). Then, you ensure you air the room as much as possible. Preferably with fresh air.

This should get most of the smell out of the screen in a few days.

Sure, you can’t keep oyur windows open 24 hours a day, but at least keep the screen rolled out the whole day. Then air the room as often as possible.

2. Mask the smell

If airing takes to long for you, or it doesn’t help enough, then there’s another option. And that’s..masking the scent.

It’s an age-old technique that has succesfully been used on even the human body. You know, it’s called deodorant.

Now I wouldn’t want to suggest spraying your fabric with perfume, but washing it off with water and soap can help. Make sure it’s a scenty soap, otherwise it wouldn’t be strong enough.

Don’t use anything aggressive though, as it might leave stains.


The best thing to do is to have patience, keep the screen rolled out and air the room the screen is in as often as possible.
That’ll get rid off the smell in a few days.

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