How to use a pelmet to hide a projection screen

When you don’t want to have your projection screen’s case in sight, building a pelmet can be a great solution.

First of all, it’s one of the least expensive ways to hide your projection screens. Secondly, a pelmet can run all around the room, making it a real design element.

In this first photo, you wouldn’t even guess there was a projection screen in the room. Have a look:

Image of a projector screen hidden behind a pelmet

Now, it seems like there there’s just the TV and some serious speakers. No sign of a projection screen at all.

But at the press of a button, the room turn into a serious cinema, as you can see here:

Image of a projector screen hidden behind a pelmet with the projection screen fabric rolled out

As you can see, only now is the projection screen fully visible. And it changes the look of the room completely.

The pelmet makes the room look a lot better, because the screen’s white housing would have stood out from the wall. That’s because even though the wall is white, it has a very visible structure. The white aluminium case of the screen would have been visible.

And the power cord particularly, would have stood out.

The real trick of making the pelmet solution work, is to make effective use of colour. Here the colour of the pelmet is used in different parts of the room. This ensures the pelmet doesn’t stand out, but is a part of the design.

In the image below, you can see exactly where the colour of the pelmet has been used:

Image that shows where colors are used to make the pelmet blend in

This screen was installed by a professional home cinema installation company in France. You can use this design as inspiration for your home theater room, or you can ask an installation company to come up with a unique design for your room.

And as always, if you have questions or comments, do let me know.



Installer: Alliance, France contact:
Projection screen: Beamax M-series

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  1. Hi ,
    Thank you for sharing such an excellent idea. I have a Fixed Curve Frame having Acoustical Transparent Screen as I need to put my tower speakers behind the screen. In this case How I could hide the screen with a pelmet? The frame will fixed buy two Wooden stand. Kindly share any good idea to hide the screen.


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