Infocus Screenplay SP8602 integrates easily into a living room cinema

I talk a lot about hiding your projection screen here.

But once you have the projection screen under control, there’s still the projector to be dealt with. Sure, you can use a projector lift to hide it above your false ceiling. But what to do when you don’t have that space available?

That’s where the Infocus SP8602 really shines. It comes with 5 cover plates that make it easy to integrate it into your living room. The 4 cover plates are matt black, white, high gloss black, a walnut-like and a pre-primed wood cover that you can have colored yourself.

This is what the covers look like (except from the one you have to finish yourself):

Infocus SP8602 shown with different cover plates

Another nie touch of this projector is the fact that it has 3 x a 12V trigger output. This allows you to automatically trigger loads of devices, such as the projection screen, a projector lift and motorised blinds.

This alone can save you a small fortune on control systems.

The projector alone will set you back a few thousand euro’s though (around 3,500, depending on where you buy).


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