It’s all 3d these days: manufacturers are pushing it as the next big thing. And you sometimes have to look really hard to find some 2D movie releases in your local cinema.

So, do should you believe the hype and go for 3D in your own home?

Well, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:
1. There is very little material available in 3D (like DVD’s)
2. You need to wear glasses to see 3D
3. The viewing angle is very limited. In practical terms, this means that you have to sit almost dead center in front of the screen to enjoy 3D

But that’s just technical stuff. There are some other implications..And if you’re a woman, you’d better think of this:

Infographic showing why women should say no to 3d

The full size, high resolution PDF is available here.

As you can see, you should say “no”to 3D because otherwise:
– You’ll be looking for his 3D glasses, in stead of just his remote.
– There’s another reason for him to pretend he didn’t hear you.
– 3D sets have a sweet spot, so guess what you’ll be fighting over…

So save yourself the arguments and just say “No” right now.

Disclaimer: I am a guy in a steady relationship, with 2 kids and don’t have 3D at home.


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Design and artwork by D. Israel Peralta Paredes, concept by Otto Tromm

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