One of the Most Unusual Foods to Bring to the Cinema

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Lots of people have admitted to bringing their own foods into the cinema, either in an attempt to save money or because they wanted some variety besides that which is offered at a typical cinema snack counter.
Sandwiches, candies and crisps are common choices for movie munchies, and some not so common ones include meals of hot Chinese ribs along with a mini trifle for dessert.

Yes, there are many creative moviegoers out there who have managed to smuggle all sorts of tasty treats into the theatre, but there’s one that really stands out above the rest. And the number one most unusual food that anyone has (thus far) admitted to bringing into the cinema is: (Drum roll please!)

How about this one? A piping hot fish and chips meal, smuggled into the cinema tightly sealed in a plastic bag to conceal the aroma…that is, until they opened it and began eating it, much to the mixed delight and dismay of the other moviegoers.

Apparently the smell of a nearby chippy helped to camouflage the scent of the meal, and possibly some of the other salivating movie patrons might have actually slipped out to grab a bit of their own fish and chips when the aroma became too much.

They succeeded in enjoying their fishy feast uninterrupted, complete with plenty of vinegar, while watching the movie and sipping some Barr’s Irn Bru, which reportedly complements this unusual cinematic meal very nicely.

Of course, I’m not advocating the ongoing practice of smuggling of full-course meals into cinemas when that sort of thing is frowned upon by cinema owners.

Surely there is a certain measure of etiquette to be observed here, but it’s easy to understand why some people prefer to bring in their own eats. After all, ordinary popcorn can get a little dull after a while and for some, it just doesn’t suit their personal taste.

Now, if the theatres would just install those handy little drop-down table trays on the backs of seats like they have on airplanes…

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  1. omg id love to do dat today(as im going to the cinema)

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