My thoughts on the new Black Diamond motorized from Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations recently announced their new Black Diamond motorized projection screen. The black diamond fabrics are intended to be used in hgh ambient light situations. With more and more people going for a projector in their living room, … [Read more...]

Thomas Edison artifacts in need of repair – including 120 year old projection screen

The United States National Park Service has recently been approved for $20,000 in funding to clean and repair their collection of artifacts previously belonging to famous inventor Thomas Edison, which are now housed in the Thomas Edison National … [Read more...]

This week’s news roundup

Here's this week's news roundup: Tips for a multi purpose room You don't need a dedicated room to enjoy projection on the big screen, even though it's easier to control all the elements in one. More and more people have a living room that … [Read more...]

New: all there is to know about black borders

Want to know why you need black borders? How big the top black border should be? And learn which screen is the only retractable screen with velvet borders? Then read all about black borders for projection screens here … [Read more...]

Create backlighting for your projection screen

I came across an interesting project on instructables, where somebody built his own ambient light for a manual projection screen. It doesn't quite change in color like the original one (made by Philips for TVs), but it does look cool. As the … [Read more...]

Projection screen fabric: updated info

Thanks to a lot of requests from readers, I have updated the available information on projection screen fabrics. It's not the final version yet - there's a lot to say - but with over a thousand words of info added, it's a big step forward. Read … [Read more...]

Vivitek expands D5 series multimedia projectors with 4 new models

Vivitek expands its range of affordable multi media projectors with 4 new models. The additions to the line up are the D516, D517, D518 and D519. All models are 3D ready and combine high light output with a long lamp life of up to 6000 … [Read more...]

Acoustically transparent projection screens and speakers – what to look for

There's no movie experience more realistic than watching a movie on an acoustic projection screen. That's because sound will come right from the action on the screen. But what about the speakers? What do you need to look for? And what about a … [Read more...]

How to make your own electric projection screen

By making your own electric projection screen, you can save money and really make it match your projector and room: - Choose the fabric you want - Making it exactly as big as you want - Use the tubular motor you want In this video, you can see … [Read more...]

Custom colours for your in-ceiling projection screen

If you want to match your projection screen's houssing to the colour of your false ceiling, you can see some examples here And no, it doesn't have to be just white … [Read more...]