Somfy DecoFlex WireFree RTS Table Top Accessory, Silver (1810972)

For portable remote control of RTS motorized window coverings, install a DecoFlex WireFree RTS Wall Switch (sold separately) into the Somfy DecoFlex WireFree RTS Table Top Accessory. The Table Top base is ergonomically designed for handheld control, … [Read more...]

Battery2go Rechargeable Battery 2200mAh For BOSCH Somfy BD6000, Somfy BD5000

Rechargeable Battery 2200mAh For BOSCH Somfy BD6000, Somfy BD5000. Part number: E-BRLX620-1-NC … [Read more...]

Somfy LT28A Motor

Somfy LT28A 12V DC Pin Mount Motor. Simply automate larger roller type shades such as solar screens, sheer horizontals, roman shades or woven woods effortlessly. Click picture for more details. … [Read more...]

SOMFY 24″ Battery Extension Cable (# 9016374) for SOMFY MOTORIZED SYSTEMS) (1)

SOMFY 24" Battery Extension Cable (# 9016374 for SOMFY MOTORIZED SYSTEMS) 24" Extension Cord for the 12V DC SOMFY Reloadable Battery Tube Tech Info: Length: 24" Wt: 24 oz. Available in 10", 48" and 96" Lengths FEATURES: … [Read more...]

Somfy SO181089x-SO1810899 DecoFlex Wirefree RTS Wall Switch, 1 Channel, Black

Somfys DecoFlex RTS Wall Switch is a controller designed to complement the full range of Somfy RTS handheld transmitters timers and interfaces. It is available fully assembled.. 1 Channel. Color - Black.Easy To UseSelect the appropriate channel … [Read more...]

Somfy ZWave To RTS 1870202

Somfy ZWave To RTS 1870202 … [Read more...]

3 PAIRS: Somfy Re-loadable Battery Wand WALL MOUNT CLIPS w/ screws (#9013263)

Somfy Wall Mount Clips , for easy and neat installation of batteries. You will receive 3 PAIRS of clips: Enough for mounting 3 Battery Tubes. Screws and wall anchors included for easy & quick installation. … [Read more...]

Somfy ZURSTI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave to RTS Plug-in Interface Wall Module

The Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI) is a Z-Wave bridge controller that receives Z-Wave transmissions and converts them to motor commands for Somfy's full range of interior and exterior RTS motors. With intuitive menu-driven … [Read more...]

SOMFY 12 V DC Battery Y harness (#9015580) :connects 2 batteries to replace dual (1)

SOMFY 12 V DC Reloadable battery harness:connects 2 batteries to replace dual Connects 2 reloadable or sealed battery wands to replace dual battery Y Splitter for SOMFY Reloadable Battery Tube #9014020 FEATURES: This Y splitter allows the connection … [Read more...]

Somfy Telis 1 RTS Patio Remote, 1 Channel (1810643)

The Somfy Telis 1 RTS Patio Remote (1 Channel) provides handheld control of one Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motorized device or one group of devices up to 65 feet away. With water and shock resistance, this remote is ideal for use in outdoor … [Read more...]