Quick questions and answers: I played around with my projection screen for about 5 minutes. Now it won’t work. Is it defective?

This is typical for people who get their first electric projection screen: They are so excited about it (and rightly so!) that they can’t stop rolling it up and down.

But after about 5 minutes, the projection screen just stops. And – as if it had its own will – started again after about 15 minutes.

Is this screen defective.

The answer: No

And here’s the background:

Inside your projection screen, there is a motor. This electric motor is used in a lot of other things besides projection screens. Things like roller shutters, awnings and blinds.

All these devices have one thing in common: they don’t have to roll out for a very long time to fully open or close.

With that in mind and the fact that the motor is positioned in a narrow tube (onto which the projection screen fabric is rolled up), the motors have been designed to work for about 4 to 5 minutes.

After this time – which is more than enough to fully roll out your projection screen and roll it back in – the motor shuts off automatically.

This is a safety feature that prevents the motor from getting damaged. The damage would come from it running too hot. This feature is called thermal protection.

It can easily trick you into thinking your screen is damaged. But it’s the opposite. The thermal protection features is actually keeping your motor safe from protection.

In normal use, you would never notice this and know that your motor even had this function. But, when showing off your new screen, or when trying to set it into the right position, you can trigger it.

It has happened to me at trade shows very often, as I was demoing the Dellegno screen. It would happen a few times a day. Gave me sweaty hands every time.

But… there’s no need to be worried at all. The motor will resume what it was last doing as soon as it’s cooled off. All you need to do, is to be patienced.

That’s it!


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