Severtson offering a new 3D fabric in curved fixed frame screens

Severtson projection screen installed in a home theater

Severtson now offers a new fabric for 3D projection in their curved fixed frame screens.

The screen is called Sevision 3D GX and comes with a 2.8 gain.

Now why is that special?

Well, it combines a few things:
1. It’s a acoustic fabric, so sound will pass through. The result is a more realistic movie experience, because the sound comes from where the action takes place: the screen
2. The fabric has a high gain, which is good, because 3D projection requires a log of brightness from the projector. The high gain would definitely help with that.
3. When combined with a curved fixed frame screen, it becomes even more immersive and it as close to a commercial cinema screen as you can get.

Pricing is unknown at this point.

If you want to find out more about Severtson, here’s their site

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