How to make your own electric projection screen

By making your own electric projection screen, you can save money and really make it match your projector and room: - Choose the fabric you want - Making it exactly as big as you want - Use the tubular motor you want In this video, you can see … [Read more...]

Projection screen controls – a guide

There are many ways to control your projection screen. You'll probably be familiar with some of them, like a remote control or the traditional switch. But did you know there are key switches as well? 12V triggers and power sensing … [Read more...]

A closer look at a rear projection screen installation in a church

Churches are not the easiest places to install projection screens. And that's because: - There are multiple viewing angles - A church usually has high ceilings - Ambient light comes from many angles - The screens should not be … [Read more...]

Can you spot the features that make this a high-end installation?

What makes an installation a high-end installation? Good question. Just spending a lot of money to big expensive boxes doesn't cut it. Smart planning and knowing what to use and where to use it creates the ultimate home theater. There … [Read more...]

Making your own projection screen masking system – part 3: Sourcing your components

With the previous videos, you have seen that making your own masking system for a fixed frame screen does not need to be very expensive or difficult. From the comments I received though, sourcing components is clearly a lot more difficult. So … [Read more...]

How to use a pelmet to hide a projection screen

When you don't want to have your projection screen's case in sight, building a pelmet can be a great solution. First of all, it's one of the least expensive ways to hide your projection screens. Secondly, a pelmet can run all around the room, … [Read more...]

3 essentials for a home cinema

If you're starting with a home cinema or home theater, it's difficult to know exactly where to begin. I'll give you a fresh perspective. And that's seen from an image-quality point of view. I am not looking at specific brands or models, but a … [Read more...]

How important is it to have a manual projection screen that’s easy to use?

Sure, a low price can be tempting. Plus, on the net, all projection screens look the same, right? That's true, but an often-overlooked aspect of projection screens easy they are to use. Now, I want to bet there are some devices that … [Read more...]

3 ways to make your own DIY projection screen

There are loads of reasons to make your own projection screen, despite the vast range of commercially available screens: - Maybe you don't have the budget - Or maybe you're really handy - The screen you want is so specific, it's not for … [Read more...]

Beamax Q-series second generation video with features explanation

Beamax has introduced the second generation of the Q-series electric multiformat projection screen. In the video below, you can see the explanation of the features of this screen. It's interesting to see that there are 2 remote controls, which … [Read more...]