Thomas Edison artifacts in need of repair – including 120 year old projection screen

The United States National Park Service has recently been approved for $20,000 in funding to clean and repair their collection of artifacts previously belonging to famous inventor Thomas Edison, which are now housed in the Thomas Edison National … [Read more...]

New image added – a Da-lite add from the 50’s

I was doing some more research about the projection screen history, when I saw a nice ad from the 50's for a Da-lite tripod projection screen. It's a nice advertisement and you can get quite a lot of information about home cinema and projection … [Read more...]

New additions to the history of projection screens

A history of projection screens that's well researched and long needs two things. And those were lacking: 1. An infograph. And Israel made an awesome one. Check it out here: 2. A bibliography. And that resource … [Read more...]

New magic lantern image for the projection screen history

Henc from de Luikerwaal kindly sent me an image of a magic lantern. This image helps everyone who has never seen such a magic lantern understand what kind of device it is. You can find the image in the history of projection screens: magic … [Read more...]

Projection screen history updated with some awesome pictures

I worked with Samantha to create a complete overview of the history of projection screens. She inlcuded the work of Matt Gatton, who made reconscructions that show how a camera obscura could have accidentally been in caves and tents. This means … [Read more...]

A Brief History of Projection Screens

We are currently working on an extensive history of projection screens. Simply because there's nothing available at the moment. There's only the recent developments. Before we get that on-line let's briefly look at the recent developments. From … [Read more...]