4 reasons why black velvet is awesome for your home cinema

Black velvet is awesome for your home cinema. It's as simple as that. And here's why: OK, now on a more serious note, why should you use black velvet? Well, ambient light and the ambient light reflected from your walls lowers the … [Read more...]

3 signs your wife knows more about home cinema than you

Enough about that WAF already. Sometimes you should just listen to your wife. Here's when: Ok, so maybe you need an explanation: 1. Don't look for high gain projection screens or new projectors when you can control ambient light. … [Read more...]

The stuff no one talks about, but matters big time: projection screen packaging

Packaging is probably last on your mind when it comes to buying your projection screen. It's not something manufacturers inform you about either. But when you take a day off to wait for your screen and it arrives all beaten up, you know important it … [Read more...]

3 essentials for a home cinema

If you're starting with a home cinema or home theater, it's difficult to know exactly where to begin. I'll give you a fresh perspective. And that's seen from an image-quality point of view. I am not looking at specific brands or models, but a … [Read more...]

How important is it to have a manual projection screen that’s easy to use?

Sure, a low price can be tempting. Plus, on the net, all projection screens look the same, right? That's true, but an often-overlooked aspect of projection screens is..how easy they are to use. Now, I want to bet there are some devices that … [Read more...]


It's all 3d these days: manufacturers are pushing it as the next big thing. And you sometimes have to look really hard to find some 2D movie releases in your local cinema. So, do should you believe the hype and go for 3D in your own home? … [Read more...]

Outdoor projection screens

When you want to project your movies outdoors, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The more extreme the weather is in your area, the more impact it will have of course. Plus, it all comes down to the budget too. There's a lot … [Read more...]

Quick questions and answers: I played around with my projection screen for about 5 minutes. Now it won’t work. Is it defective?

This is typical for people who get their first electric projection screen: They are so excited about it (and rightly so!) that they can't stop rolling it up and down. But after about 5 minutes, the projection screen just stops. And - as if it had … [Read more...]

5 tips to help you chose the right portable projection screen

A portable home projection screen is a great way of enjoying home theatre, without having to install a projection screen permanently. If you want to buy one, use these tips to help you decide which one to buy. 1. Weight Quite an obvious one, … [Read more...]

How to get rid of that chemical just-new projection screen smell

In a new car, it smells great. You know, that brand-new smell. The one that they even sell in a can. But with a projection screen, it's a whole different story. Because in a small closed off space, the smell of a projection screen can even give … [Read more...]