Projection screen comparison video: F2 vs the competition

There are very few direct comparisons between projection screens. I don't even think I have even seen one. And that's why I wanted to show you a comparion between 2 rental and stage projection screens. As you can see, there is no perfect … [Read more...]

New video of a home theater with a manual projection screen

I have shown you some fully integrated and carefully designed living room home theaters. I realise that not everyone wants to go all-out on the budget. Or does not even find it necessary to hide it all. That's why I wanted to show you a nice … [Read more...]

How to customise your projection screen

Most projection screens are white. That's because manufacturers like to make 'm white and..because most walls are. That doesn't mean your imagination should be limited to just that. In this video, a whole range of projection screen customisation … [Read more...]