These 3D fabric acoustic panels bring style and performance to your home

Example of acoustic 3D fabric panel

In today’s world, living areas in the home are used in a whole new way to how they were thirty years ago.

Traditionally the room containing the sofa was generally referred to as the ‘parlour’ and was a room which was only used for best or when there were guests.

With the increased popularity of televisions and the recent move towards projector screens and interactive TV, the result has been for living rooms to be used for a wider range of activities from watching television to reading, gaming to listening to music.

Over the past year, many living rooms have been fitted with acoustic panels to make all this entertainment even more pleasurable.

What are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels can take a variety of forms but typically they all work in a similar way. Acoustic panels are generally made of porous material which works in two key ways.

Firstly the panel causes sound waves to only partially penetrate them so they can be used to reduce the amount of sound leaving a room.

Secondly, as the sound waves get trapped within the porous surface, rather than being reflected back into the room and causing sound distortion, they deaden the sound.

Why use acoustic panels?

The most common reason for using acoustic panels to is create a sharper, less distorted sound in a room.

Instead of sound waves being bounced back into a room when they hit a wall and getting mingled with newer sounds, the older sound waves are deadened, making everything clearer.

The second reason for the use of acoustic panels in the home is that they help to stop the sound from travelling to other rooms which is especially useful in a terraced or semi-detached house where neighbours might be disturbed by you watching the television or listening to music.

The design of acoustic panels

In a music studio, acoustic panels are there purely for functionality but when acoustic panels are used in the home, they not only have to be practical but stylish too. Thanks to cutting edge designer Aleksandra Gaca it is now possible to have acoustic panels which blend with your décor to create a more defined look.

Gaca’s 3D acoustic panels are specially made from a series of woven textiles which not only help to trap the sound but look stunning too.

Their style sits neatly somewhere between art and architecture and a unique mix of materials from wool to mohair and metal threads means that there’s something to suit any room.

Options for Gaca’s custom acoustic panels mean that virtually anything is possible from environmentally friendly designs to bold colours and patterns.

More information can be found on the designer’s site

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