This week’s news roundup

Here’s this week’s news roundup:

Tips for a multi purpose room

You don’t need a dedicated room to enjoy projection on the big screen, even though it’s easier to control all the elements in one.

More and more people have a living room that serves as their theatre room at night.

We have looked at many such rooms, here are three great examples of multi purpose rooms.

Electronic house published an article these week with some hints and tips for projection in multi purpose rooms.
You can read it here

A projection screen made of bubbles

There are a lot of different surfaces that can serve as a projection screen. Some are not chosen for their qualities as immersive reflective surfaces, but to create a wow-effect, such as fog screens.

Japanese researchers have created a bubble that can be used as a projection screen. And apparently, the bubbles are quite impact resistant too.

I’d love to see them in real life, but for now, if you want some more info, you can read about it here

Fly through a virtual pizza with Christie’s 3D Holostation

At the Siggraph 2012 convention, Christie set up a booth with a 6 ft by 6ft Holostation.

Its purpose is to show the realism you can get with the latest high res projectors and 3D technology.

The demo allows you to virtually fly through a pizza.

And though I love pizza, if I were going, I’d rather play MW3. Then again, people would probably be stuck in that booth all day.

For more details, you can find the press release here

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