What to do when your projection screen’s remote functions work in reverse

This happens quite often.

You connect the projection screen to the remote control unit and press the “down” button to see if it’s working, but nothing happens. Then you press “up” and down comes the screen.

Not exactly an earth shattering problem, but annoying nonetheless.

How do you solve it?

Well, if your remote control has this function, you can just flick a switch and the remote will inverse all functions. This switch – if available – is located on the receiver unit of the remote control set. Not on the remote that you hold in your hand.

Check the manual to make sure there is one, before you start looking for something that’s not there.

If that’s the case, you need to switch two wires.

The black and brown wires from the projection screen’s power cord are normally used to switch from going up to down. And vice versa. So what you need to do, is change the location of the black and the brown wire. You have to switch their places.

And that’s it…

But, there are a few thing to keep in mind:

Things to watch out for when you are working on the remote receiver box:

1. It’s a simple job, but in some countries and areas, anything that has to do with mains power (220V or 110V) is the domain of electricians or electric contractors. Make sure that your installation complies with local rules and regulations. Ask for advice if you’re unsure.
2. If you are doing the work yourself, make sure power is turned off and no cables are connected to mains power when touching cables.
3. This works only with projection screens that have a seperate remote receiver box. Screens that have an integrated remote control can not be adjusted this way. If you have an issue with an integrated remote control, it’s probably a production error. Don’t try to solve this yourself and contact your reseller for advice.

OK, that’s it for a piece of basic advice. Contact me for questions or additional info.

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